aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, July 23, 2011


A few years ago, Brandon studied abroad in Orvieto.  Realizing that we were a short drive away, we headed out to see where he roamed the streets!
 The city is on top of the plateau



 As soon as we got into the town, we found a stairway that led us down to this walkway around the outside of the city.

The walls were really tall!

 Etruscan tombs


 We were really hungry and decided that we needed to find the restaurant that Brandon suggested...Pizzeria Charlies.  Well, we roamed and roamed, and couldn't find it.  After a while, we came across one of those famous Italian signs that tell you anywhere and everywhere to go...and what did it say??  Charlies!

 The entrance to Charlies
 THIS is why B recommended it...holy pizza!




 Linds...after....HAHAHA...about to pop...

 So if you stick a pig in, you get sausage out...I think I get it now

 Proper espresso ettiquette

 Italian man with an Italian building

 This statue of the Virgin Mary reminded me of the part in Under the Tuscan Sun where the main character says, "Aunt Mary is everywhere."  We were walking down some shops and this statue was at the end of a hallway.  Very interesting.
 Headed home

 Silly tractor driver pulled right in front of us.  So he got his picture taken while we were passing him.

We had set our laundry out to dry before we left for the day.   We came home to this.  Undies on the neighbor's roof. :)

Next up?  See ya later Tuscany, Hello Cinque Terre!

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