aloha every day

aloha every day

Friday, July 29, 2011

More Manarola!

 Lemons!  We wanted so badly to pick one, but we kept our hands to ourselves like good Scaccos

 Checking out the ocean from Via Belvedere

 Dinner on the lanai

 As we were sitting there, a very interesting tour boat came into the bay...

 So we had to get a closer look

 ...and a closer look...
Nick spotted the Hawkeyes flag from far away and needed to confirm.

 There's Angelo.  He runs the tour, apparently.  We were super curious about what the tour consisted we googled it.
Not many people had good reviews of Angelo's Tours.
Very expensive, they say.
Small boat, they say.
Angelo is not as friendly as they say, they say.
Good thing we didn't pay 500 EUROS to go on the tour.

 There's a shot inside Nona's door to our lanai.

 Getting a kick out of reading about Angelo's tours.
TGFK...Thank God for Kindle

 Our last sunset in Manarola

 The morning we left was the most clear, beautiful morning we had experienced.  
So we sat on the lanai, of course!

These two were cracking me up.  The man didn't row at all.  hehehe.

Next up? FLORENCE!

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