aloha every day

aloha every day

Friday, July 29, 2011

Florence- Day 2

Day 2 was our only full day in Florence...
We went to Galleria Academia to see the statue of the David, amongst other things.  Didn't take pictures there, though, because I am a rule-follower.   That's right.  Rule-follower to a fault.
So, Statue of the David=AMAZING!
Michelangelo was a total loon.
There is not an artist that I am aware of in today's world that would take the time to create works on the level that he did.

 Nick and the breakfast room

The sitting room at Hotel Pendini...they were playing Frank Sinatra...yes...

 Trattoria per Kate's recommendation...

It was DELICIOUS!!!!
The inside of Za-Za

 That's a K for front of Za-Za

 Nick in front of his favorite cafe...Cafe Paszkowski  (

 We also found a chocolate cafe...
 Chocolate lipstick

 Found another Irish bar...weird

 Cafe Paszkowski at night

 Good night, Florence!

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