aloha every day

aloha every day

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear dance,

Dear dance,
You see....I watch you on a daily basis...on tv, on youtube, you name it...and every time, I cry.  In fact, I think my heart cries...for what used to be so prevalent in my life.  I didn't realize what an emotional release you were for me, until I no longer had you in my daily life.  I miss you.  I really miss you.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Be the honu

An incredible teacher recently shared with me the mantra "Be the Honu".  In Hawai'i, a honu is a sea turtle.  I've snorkled alongside of many a honu, and am enthralled with each one that I come across.  "Be the honu" refers to the direction in which turtles swim.  You see, they can only swim FORWARD.  They cannot swim backwards.

To be honest, it has been a rough start to the new year.  It's the last year of grad school, I'm working full-time as a special ed teacher, and as if that wasn't enough, the dancer in me can't seem to give up my part-time dance teaching jobs!  

Some days, I feel the stress of the day before it even begins...4 am has become an unwanted companion.  Sunday night comes around and I yearn for more weekend...not for pure fun, but for sleep, and time to heal the brain.  This summer, I realized how much I like to do by myself.  I promised myself that I would do at least one of those things once per week.  Hasn't happened, but not for lack of trying.  

I am still breathing...
and I am still swimming forward...
as best I can.
My new glasses are helping me on that path.  I can finally read my school work without falling asleep! Woot!
Good thing about Hawai'i: Driving home from work is completely inspirational:
yes, I used my camera while driving...Oprah only said not to text...