aloha every day

aloha every day

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Agriturismo Castagnatello

 After driving three hours through the beautiful, yet windy hills of Tuscany, we made it to our first lodging: Agriturismo Castagnatello. 
Can't say we didn't get lost many times over on our way there.  Can't say we didn't pull over in utter frustration at hour 30 of straight traveling.  Can't say we had ANY idea where we were.  Can't say we had a decent map to figure it out, either.  Can't say we could think of anything else to do but pull over and get out of the car.

 When we finally found our way, we were greeted warmly by the owners of the house.  We were STOKED by the apartment.  This was our view!
 The town of Seggiano was walking distance from us.  What an amazing view!

 The kitchen.  Note the olive oil made by the owners of the house. TO DIE FOR!

 View of the lanai from the living room.  I totally dug the wooden windows.

 Ladybug dishes...why not?

 Our lanai! Wowzers!

 Another view of our lanai

 Looking towards the front door from the lanai

 The yard

The wine tasting house...of course


 One happy camper

 Can you hear the music to The Godfather?

 The pool! new favorite scent...was EVERYWHERE!

 The wine tasting house

 olive trees, grapes, and Seggiano...view from the wine tasting house

Now THAT'S a SUNSET!  The sun would set for hours and would finally go down around 9pm...weird, right?  Our first night, we totally thought it was 7pm when the sun went down...haha.

The parking spot under the chestnut tree

Mother Mary.
Actually the German couple staying in the apartment below ours called him "King".
It was FREEZING cold once the sun went down.

 Here comes the sun!

 Just a little walk through the olive groves...normale (no big deal).

 Cherry trees...are you kidding me!?

 Wandering the town of Seggiano.  We were the only tourists there.  Definitely not a tourist place, but we loved it!  Had espresso at the cafe at the top of the town with the locals. Actually, all of the locals there were men.  No women.  They must have been with the kids?  Hmmm.  This was one of our first experiences with the interesting clothing choices of Italian men.  They dress very....pretty.  Tight button-up or spandex shirts and capris with open toed sandals were...normale!

 Pesto gnocchi.  We bought it from the was hand made that day and we got it for $7. Normale.  As common as a burrito in New Mexico.

 My European dinner partner in his European scarf...normale.

 We went to dinner at the restaurant in Seggiano one night.  We ordered the typical Italian meals which include at least 3 courses.  I had to capture Nick's final course on camera because we had no idea it was coming.  He had already eaten bruschetta and a hefty bowl of pasta with boar.  We totally figured his third course was a simple dessert.  Nope.  Not in Italy.  He got a huge slab of meat...and ate every bit.  
When in Rome...except we were in Seggiano.
Really cool cloudscape.

Next up?  More adventures in Tuscany!


KT said...

i like then new title of your blog . . .

Hermann8er said...

Thanks, KT! I realized that I don't live in Hawai'i anymore! Ah!