aloha every day

aloha every day

Monday, October 1, 2007

Beach Clean Up!!!!

Nick and I have committed to sponsoring one beach clean-up per month. Yesterday was our second official clean-up!! It was successful in that we completed our purpose...we cleaned up the beach! However, we are trying to make it a social affair...bringing people out who have similar goals in mind and hanging out, grilling out, playing football, enjoying the beach, etc. Well, for the second time, we were the only two to show up. Boo! We cleaned up a BUNCH of trash, though! Tons of cigarette butts, plastic pieces from surfboards and body boards, food, drinks...I mean, you would be AMAZED to see the amount of crap that people leave behind. AND, they think that if they bury it, it will disappear! Oh man. It's a good thing that I am very passionate about cleaning up the beach because I would get too angry to continue, otherwise!
Great thing about living in Hawaii?? This beach is half an hour's drive from my front door!

Friday, September 21, 2007

New job!!

 As some of you know, I was recently awarded a contract with the Army's Child and Youth Services to direct the Performing Arts Program. Yeah! Exciting, but also a bit intimidating, as business "things" are very new to my life. There are pictures of my first day on the job below.
hands in the middle for performance!
My oh, so beautiful princess, Nick!

I'm going to try to blog something cool about living la vida loca in Hawaii every time I blog. Today's cool thing: Nick got up this morning, hopped on his moped, rode 10 minutes up into the hill that we live at the base of and returned shortly after with a 10 foot long bamboo pole that we are planning to use as a curtain rod. Unfortunately, I wasn't home to snap a picture of how in the world he carried a 10 foot pole on a moped. So cool, eh?