aloha every day

aloha every day

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, hello 2013!
Where did you come from?
You snuck up behind me and surprised me!

In fact, I've been so busy, 
that I didn't even see you coming.

May I just say, though,
that I'm glad you are here.

Your presence in my life has me feeling:

You see, 2012 was great.
Really, it was.
Other than Grandma passing away,
it was great.
New apartment,

New job,

New sister-in-law...

it was just

A new year tends to be the catalyst for  self reflection in my life.
What some may call "New Year's Resolutions,"
I call
"Extreme Lindsay Makeover"

Let's start with nutrition:
I'm a vegetarian.

Have been since 5th grade,
always will be.
Being a vegemonster,
does NOT mean I am healthy.
Bread, cheese, sweets...
all still in my diet.
So the hubs and I set forth a new plan.
We reminded each other that:
1) We no longer live in the land of RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE produce 
(Bell peppers were $5. each...on sale!)
2) We are not getting any younger.
and we decided to keep a steady stash of fruits and veggies on hand at all times!

Next up?
I used to be a dancer.
I know, I said that out loud the other day and cried.
"Used to be"
I'm talking close to 10 years ago
I danced full-time.

At that time, I didn't need much other exercise,
even though I did run and strength train alongside of dancing.
Now, I'm very "used to" having a built-in exercise program.
The problem is, I don't dance anymore.
Not like I used to, at least.
I don't think Brain Dance with my math group constitutes a whole-body exercise program.
So the hubs and I decided to be each other's accountability partners.
We reminded each other that:
1) We are employed full-time (glory, hallelujah), and have the budget to take a few exercise classes
2) We are not getting any younger.
Then we made a plan.
Remember Book-It?
We're tracking our exercise with a sticker chart (including once a week, KILLER cross training together), and then rewarding ourselves once we reach a certain amount of stickers.
We may or may not reward ourselves with a Pizza Hut pizza and a pitcher of Coke every now and again :)
Anyone else want to Book-It with us?

Next up?
Look good, feel good.
Simply put:
I got a haircut!
That was a rarity in Hawai'i because it was simply too hot/humid to wear my hair down.
Time to "beautify" the outside. 
Look good.
Feel good.
No more frump monster.

You're a welcome addition to my life.