aloha every day

aloha every day

Friday, July 22, 2011

Montepulciano- Take Two

We just couldn't get enough of Montepulciano.  So when we realized we had an extra day to go back there, we went!
 This wasn't the first time that we got stuck driving behind my favorite three-wheeled vehicle.  Fun in theory, but on the roads, not so functional.

 Here's the sign for the Jolly Cafe.  We passed this fine establishment almost every time we headed away from our rental.  However, the Jolly Cafe is not so jolly.  In fact, it was never open!

 Speaking of signs, here's the sign from the entrance to Montepulciano.  I believe that I wrote about this sign in one of the first blog entries, but I thought you might need to see it again.  It is unbelievable that this is the sign that we had to navigate while in motion in a vehicle with other vehicles whizzing by.  GOOD-NESS.

 One of the many beautiful views from the end of a street.

 We decided to go straight to Cafe Poliziano...the place that we had our first amazing meal.  Since it was the morning, we decided on these.  
Holy Cannoli!

 Creepy Italian tree with a creepy Italian man...haha
 Stop and look up!  Frescoed ceiling in front of someone's awesome living quarters.  Someone seriously lives above the arch.

 One of my favorite pictures from the trip.

 Look at that handsome husband of mine
 Another fabulous meal in Montepulciano.

 Sat down to eat some gelato and then wanted to take a pic of Nick.
Looks like the lion threw up all over him.
I laughed SO HARD...we had no idea that this is where we had sat until I took the pic.

 Entrance to the town.  I love it!

 Another Scacco in a secret passage.

 So our car is the black one.  Check out how the other guy decided to park.  WHAT?!

Wine tasting with the owners of the rental (on the left hand side) and the German couple that stayed in the apartment below us.  

Next up?  Orvieto!  The town in which Brandon studied....

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