aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Port of San Diego

Summer's coming?
You know what that means?

Adventures in San Diego!
Unconditional Surrender Statue

Our port area is becoming more of an "attraction"
thanks to parks, restaurants, and walking paths
I'll post more as I explore throughout the summer!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

James & Jayne

"You have to try that new restaurant:

Sound familiar?

The ampersand has become like the 
Michelin Star...

It seems that every new "foodie" restaurant that is a must-try now contains the elusive 
and that when I see the 
I automatically assume it means 
good food.

In the spirit of good food, 
I am combining two places in San Diego 
which are worthy of the 
but do not actually use them in their names.

James Coffee Co. & Jayne's Gastropub

Let's start with James:
This is not James.
It's not an ad for Apple computers, either 
(although if you're from Apple & you're reading this, contact me...
I'm sure we can figure something out ;)

That is my darling husband on our first trip to 

Micro-roasters in SD are a dime a dozen,
but you bet your pants that
Nick & Lindsay
will try them all. 
& this: 
 ranks among the absolute best.
Creamy, dark espresso
w/o the bitterness...yum!

They also have a work space for a few small businesses.
All together a great experience...
& it's in Little Italy...
How can you beat that??

All right let's discuss Jayne:

I first came to Jayne's Gastropub 
upon hearing that my friend was working there. 
 This quaint gastropub serves many English favorites, 
along with other impeccably-selected dishes showcasing local produce and sustainable meats.

I recently went for my birthday and ordered the Potato and Celery Root Gratin...and ate every bit.
Sorry, no pic.
I only took a pic of my Irish Coffee:
 & their lovely garden area:

 So there you have it. 
James & Jayne.
Two San Diego locals which shouldn't be missed.