aloha every day

aloha every day

Monday, January 17, 2011


Today has me thinking about dreams, and not solely because of it being MLK Day, but rather because there have been so many miracles appearing lately.  
And so I think...
are these happenings miracles? Dreams come true, perhaps? The result of prayer?  Or all three wrapped up in one phenomenal package?  
Case in point: My good friend, Daniel, who lives on Kaua'i, has been fighting (peacefully, of course) for years to keep his favorite beach from being terrorized by a cattle farmer who gained a permit to tear down the natural hillside and keep cattle on the property.  Disastrous for an untouched ecosystem...paradise.  Last week, the permit was revoked.  VICTORY!  There are not many places left on earth that humans haven't made into their science project.  Daniel's battle was one of purity...fighting for the balance of the earth.  If you'd like to read more about it, here is his blog:
 Mom and Nick at Larsons in October

 Mom and Daniel, yoga on the beach!

 Larsons is saved!
To celebrate the victory on Kaua'i, I decided to spend my MLK Day weekend doing beach clean-ups.  Years ago, I used to organize beach clean-ups in the hopes that people would come out and join in the effort to clean the beaches.  Our organizational efforts, however saw at most, 3 other people.  Now, ANY efforts that are made to clean the plastic and cigarette butts from the beaches are GOOD...however, the process of organizing these "events" eventually overshadowed my joy in giving back to the land.  I realized that everyone gives back in their own way.  This just happens to be my way.  
So now I just GO...whichever beach is calling, I GO. 
While cleaning the beaches, I feel like I can talk to God.  The beach is where I feel like I can best be of service. I think we all have that place...the place where clarity is found.  
For me, 
the beach is a place to DREAM.  
A place where MIRACLES can happen.
A place where PRAYERS are answered.
Of course I want to clean my sanctuary!

Before the beach this morning, I went for a run around Kapiolani Park.  There was a diversity festival and a MLK parade going on while I was circling the park.  After my run, I stretched under this tree:
I could hear the parade and the music from the festival.  I thought, 
"What are the MIRACLES that we DREAM and PRAY for as a diverse population?  Why does it take a holiday parade to bring us together to sing for peace?"
That is my PRAYER.
While I was thinking about peace, one of my favorite Brett Dennen songs came on my ipod.  I leave you with the lyrics to "There is So Much More": 
When I heard the news,
my heart fell on the floor.
I was on a plane on my way to Baltimore.
In these troubled times it's hard enough as it is.
My soul has a known a better life than this.

I wonder how so many can be in so much pain,
while others don't seem to feel a thing.
Then I curse my whiteness
and I get so damn depressed.
In a world of suffering,
why should I be so blessed?

I heard about a women who lives in Colorado.
She built a monoment of sorts behind the garage door,
where everyday she prays for all whom are born
and all whose souls have passed on.
Sometimes my trouble gets so thick,
I can't see how I'm gonna get through it.
But, then I'd rather be stuck up in a tree
then be tied to it. 
 (That's my favorite lyric..there are very few trees that we are tied to...only stuck's up to us find our way out)

There is so much more.

I don't feel comfortable with the way my clothes fit.
I cant get used to my bodys limits.
I got some fancy shoes to try and kick away these blues.
They cost a lot of money but they arent worth a thing.
I wanna free my feet from the broken glass and concrete.
I need to get out of this city.
Lay apon the ground stare a hole in the sky,
wondering where I go when I die.
...When I die.
p.s. Mom, don't worry about those last lyrics.  I'm perfectly peaceful!