aloha every day

aloha every day

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel....

We're married! Yeah! We got married January 7th on Waimanalo Beach.  It was an incredible day that started with rain...lots of it...enough to cause major anxiety on my part.  Nonetheless, there was a beautiful rainbow, wonderful friends and lots of family.  About 5 minutes before the ceremony began, the rain cleared and the sun came out!  Talk about a rain blessing!! 

Our goal in planning was to make sure that our wedding was eco-friendly.  Some of the things that helped us to do that were 1) Using only one vendor to cut the emissions from transportation to and from the site. 2) Using Styrophobia plates, spoons, forks and knives.  3) Recycling! 4) Making our own cupcakes (they tasted just as good as a professional and we made them from a box!) 5) Having our ceremony in the day time to eliminate the need for lighting.  6) Giving recycled notebooks, fashionable reusable grocery bags and slippers for wedding party gifts.  7) Buying wedding rings from Touch Wood Rings, a man that makes incredible rings from recycled wood! 8)Using real flowers...fake flowers left on beaches are eaten by birds and turtles. You can guess the rest.  You'd be surprised how many fake-flowers we see on the beach left over from wedding ceremonies.  
I'm sure there were more details that I've forgotten, but nonetheless, it was exactly what we wanted.  Earth-friendly, all a good time! 
Enjoy the pics!!!

Awesome thing about Hawaii? It was free to get a permit to have our wedding on the beach!! Woohoo!!