aloha every day

aloha every day

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentines Day!

A beautiful Ginger lei

white flowers, my favorite

Our entry-way


homemade ravioli, from beginning to end!

the beginning....

...the end...all homemade using local ingredients!

the first use of our mortar and pestle...sundried tomatoes for the inside of the raviolis

my latest candle old spaghetti jar and some seashells

Friday, February 12, 2010

What dance has taught me... artistic movement form that drives life, breath, and, in my case, happiness. I have been a dancer for 25 years. Now, on the eve of a career switch (I am now a special education teacher!), I am reflecting upon the lessons that dance has taught me.

1) (This is the one that got me thinking about all of this) First impressions are integral to the succuess of your future. When going to a dance audition, the dancer spends hours (if not days) considering the role that he/she is auditioning for and planning their "look" accordingly. For example, a dancer would not go to a ballet audition without their hair in a bun or with sweatpants on. In my most recent interview for a teaching position, I had the same consideration. What should a teacher "look" like? Well-kept and professional, but certainly not wearing my highest heels. Which colors would promote a peaceful feeling? Blue, certainly not red. Coiffed hair do? Neat, pulled away from the face to show good communication. Guess what? I got the job!

2) You get from your work what you put into your work. Call it procrastination, call it lazy, call it what you will. Yes, I could plie without working from my center, but that is only going to force me to work harder tomorrow. Need I draw the parallel to college coursework, work deadlines, exercise routines?

3) How you present yourself on the outside speaks measures about how you regard yourself...respect, disdain? Sloppy clothing, unkept nails?

4) You have not because you ask not. So much can be said for simply asking for something you desire. If you don't ask if you can understudy a dance, you may never be seen. There is no harm in asking. Demanding or persistently asking the same question, on the other hand, can be deadly. If you never ask for the internship, or if there is a job available, they WILL NOT FIND YOU! If you don't ask the credit card company to take off the late fee, they will not.

5) If you begin to do something and find that it is difficult, or you fail, go back to the beginning and try again, but this time start with the other foot forward. In dance, this refers to progressing movement, which we call "the right side or the left side". Usually, one side is more natural for a dancer to do; therefore, if one side is difficult, the other will be easier. Similarly, most things in life can be tried again. "You pick yourself up and try again, you can dust it off and try again, try again." A dancer would add to that song "...on the other foot". Start anew. Try again with a new start.

More to come...

Great thing about Hawaii? While the rest of the nation is trapped in feet of snow, I am going to the beach. Now, what else can I get done today??