aloha every day

aloha every day

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lady Florence

We traned from Cinque Terre to Florence, excited to see the sites in the city!  So far, we had been in Tuscany for a week, and on the coast for a few days.  
It was now time to get down to business

 Made it to our hotel...Hotel Pendini!  Right in the heart of Piazza Republica!  
So awesome!

 We set on foot to see as much as we could, as we only had a few days in Florence.

 Me...and the backside of a duomo.
Nick took this shot without me knowing.  The lighting turned out SO AWESOME!

 No words needed.

 Lunch! Check out the meat above Nick's head.  Now, that's my kind of place! Hahaha...

 Piazza Republica.
Our hotel is in the background, to the right of arch...called Pensione Pendini.
I loved this piazza.
There was so much going on at all times.

 A little night music?

 So the painted face guy was upset because these street vendors took over the spot that he usually performs his show.  There was a lot of screaming going on.  He was not happy.
 There was also a lot of arm throwing going on.  He's throwing down right here with the street vendor.
Ah...Piazza Republica...always a good show.

 This is one of our favorite shots of the trip.

 This IS our favorite shot of the trip.  Seriously.  Click on this photo to enlarge it.  How did we happen to capture this moment in time?  What a souvenir!  

 Sunset walk along the river

 Nick caught this shot of bugs flying around the walkway light.

 Where are we?  

Why, an Irish Pub, of course!

Next up? Day 2-Florence

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