aloha every day

aloha every day

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walk on

Do you ever wake up with a song in your head
and then
you can't get it OUT of your head?

This happens to me FREQUENTLY.
I'm talking
5 days a week?  

Sometimes the songs are so funny
that I sing them out loud
so my hubs can share in the joy.

Like the day I woke up singing
"Rhythm is gonna get-cha
rhythm is gonna get-cha..."
a-la Gloria.
Of course, for my hubs
(the happiest morning person I've met to date)
faux-maraca shaking ensued.

This morning, however, was not a maraca-shaking song.
I woke up with David Gray's 
"From Here I Can Almost See the Sea"
whispering me to awareness.

So, I got up
tied my laces
brewed a hot coffee
threw on a hoodie
and walked to the seacliffs.

Here is my morning walk,
set to the lyrics of the poetic David Gray 
(who just happens to be the soundtrack to my Fall season)

"Come the weekend
We'll be long gone, baby
Just like the old days
Letting the world flow through me
Just a parasite in the line
I'm smoking, killing the time
I lost a piece of twine
What use is sympathy?
From here you can almost see the sea"
(and you can...can you sea see it? This is the top of our street. The start of my walk.)

"If you would hold still
Make a clean incision
And we can sit back and watch the demolition
Little puppy dog in a box
Somebody's picking the locks
It's wandered down from the socks
Here comes the cavalry
From here you can almost see the sea"

"Just another fool in the line
Just a parasite in the line"
"I dream of high clouds
Flush with the light of daybreak
I'm gonna dive in
To waters so cold it makes your bones ache
Fingers, knees, and knuckles scraped
Our love a rubbish heap
The piece of cardboard taped up where the bedroom windowpane used to be
From here you can almost see the sea."

"Just another fool in the line
Just a parasite in the line
I saw a film once
Where all the air holes froze up
A killer whale swam

Under the blue ice
until her heart stopped."
 (This is the end of our street!)
Aloha kakahiaka.

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