aloha every day

aloha every day

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Notes from a Realist

my hubs said,
"You're not a pessimist...
you're just a realist."

Of course, at first, I threw up a defensive...
"Wha...? How dare you label me!"

Then I realized...
he's quite right.
he meant it as a compliment.

Defense down.
 As a realist,
I'm constantly considering the REALITY of what might happen.
If we____, then____will most likely happen. 
 I mean, at least I'm not thinking about the worst thing that could happen, right?

that doesn't leave much room for adventure.
And that is PRECISELY WHY we had this conversation in the first place.
 Recently, we decided to:
work at work
home and home.
That means,
no work at home.
yet impressive 
jump for two who aim for professional commitment.

However difficult this decision will prove to be,
it opens up a world of adventure for our time together at home.

my challenge therein
is to 
of what might be
and experience life
during every adventure.
 This weekend proved to be adventure-worthy.
Rainy days tend to spark a child-like curiosity in us both.
So, we went to the shore.

We also went roller skating with Mom!

 These happen to be my mom's roller skates from childhood.
She still wears them.

Here's to adventures
big and small


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