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aloha every day

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Crusty Loaf

When we first began dating,
the Nick-isms that would come from the mouth of my hubs

It was like deciphering code.

He once asked to go to a 4th of July December.
"I'm too literal for this," said the voice in my head,
but land ho! 
A little pointed questioning later, 
I learned that he wanted to go to a neighborhood party...
like the ones you have on the 4th of July.
This is one of the things I love most about hubs:
He relishes moments.
He lives so heavily in the moment,
that reminiscing on the moment
makes him want to relive the moment.
Most Nick-isms have evolved 
throughout our life together.
I am no longer his "wife."
I am:
"monkey baby team" (ask me later about that one)
...and the beat goes on...

Where am I going with this?
during our first years together, 
he spoke frequently about

I, a purveyor of words that ring nicely,
have never been a fan of the word

It's like the word
to me.
It doesn't sit well in my stomach.

Everyone has their word(s).
What's yours?

Back to the story...
 Hubs loves crusty loaves. 
(That sure sounded wrong...I didn't mean it that way...promise)
So, I've worked through the years to perfect the Crusty Bread Loaf.
It has taken many shapes and forms.
In fact, I thought I had it perfected when I persevered through

Holy Time Consuming Loaf of Bread, Batman!
When reading the recipe from 
Julia's recipe starts on page 57 and ends on page 74.
'Nuff said.

Many years and many recipes later,
I've done it.
I've decoded what 
means to the hubs.

The Crusty Loaf!
 I found the recipe here **

Here's another picture of it,
just in case you can't get enough of the 
crusty(still rings wrong to me) goodness: 
 The ONLY time consuming step in this recipe is allowing the dough to rise overnight.
That's it. 
The actual leg-work is nuttin' honey.

 The ONLY problem 
is that this:
quickly becomes this:

 Is that a problem, though?
As the world fights childhood hunger,
I consider this a blessing, 
NOT a problem.
I'll make a loaf every day if it means
in our household.
**Side note: I add 1/4 cup of chopped, fresh rosemary from our garden during the mixing of dry goods step.  I highly recommend this if you are a rosemary fan like us! I figure you could also use dried rosemary...a few TBS?


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