aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My mission (if I choose to accept it)

At the start of last school year,
we (teachers) discussed the importance of
having a mission statement 
to drive the purpose of our work.

We didn't, however, get to the point of writing the statements.
We just talked about it.
Isn't that so typical of adult activity in general?
Talk about it a lot...
Take action a little.

Well, it took me a year,
but I finally penned my mission!
 I think it took me a year because I was unsure of my process...
"How do I even BEGIN this process?"

and then, one day, while on the plane to Hawai'i nei,
I wrote down some words, and what did they say?
My mission, of course,
it came without force!
(wink and a questioning smirk;
I swear I've had coffee today)

I thought I'd share what my process "looked like"
in case you are searching for a process 
and would like to borrow mine
(and are a visual learner like me ;)

My Mission Statement Process
Find something that inspires you and represent it somehow
(I drew a pic of the shell necklace I was wearing).
Then, connect words to that thing. Write them!

Connect like-words together
(important note: connect them in a way that is meaningful to you...doesn't have to make logical sense to others)

Expand the connected words into sentences.
I also picked out one guide word in each sentence and underlined it

 STEP 4:
Final Draft...clean it up!

Using a photo editing website (I used,
make it look GOOD!
I made two different options, and I'm deciding which one I like better to print for my classroom:

 I hope this inspires you to find your process!


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