aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Let's Make a Deal

I woke up yesterday feeling like 
the little angel on my shoulder, however, kept reminding me of my summer promise to myself:
To Exercise.


A few episodes of Gilmore Girls later, 
I decided that exercise didn't have to be gritty and all-out.
So I looked at the angel on my shoulder and said,

"Let's make a deal.

I'll exercise like you said I should, 
but it will be 
where I want
how I want."

 Surprisingly enough, the angel agreed.
To the beach we went,
and instead of running the whole length and back,
I mixed it up a bit.

 (My favorite part about running on the beach is that I get to do it barefoot!  Total motivator for me)

If you're ever having an exercise funk day,
try this:
Walk 1 min.
Run 1 min.
Walk 2 min.
Run 2 min.
Walk 3 min.
Run 3 min.
Walk 4 min. *
Run 4 min.
Walk 5 min.
Run 5 min.
BAM! 30 min. of cardio exercise!

I then pivot turned and did the entire routine in reverse,
starting with 5 min. run
and ending with 1 min. walk. 
*If you don't want to do the entire routine in reverse,
pivot turn at this point, or stroll back after the 5 min run (especially if you're at the beach :)*

Give it a try!
Or make something else up! 
Just remember,
exercise doesn't have to be gritty and grueling
to get the job done.


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