aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Live in the now!

“The real zen of surfing, for me, is being in the moment, completely. As the wave presents itself, you do what is possible or what is asked of you to do. You find that line, you find the timing, & it’s just strange how if you do an off lip at the right section, it sets you up for the next section perfectly. There’s some kind of connection between people and the environment that seems so natural and when it’s done the right way & you see someone link things together on a wave in all the right ways,  it’s like that thing already existed and that’s exactly what was supposed to happen. My ultimate goal is to tune into that at all times, my ultimate in life is to feel like I am really in tune.” -Kelly Slater

Yesterday, I decided to start and end my day at the beach.
The decision was simple, really.
Rather than trying to "beat the traffic" right after work,
I made inner peace my priority.

I brought my camera with me,
as taking pictures at the beach is one of my favorite things to do alone.

In my head the entire day was the quote from Kelly Slater (above) that I had read the day before.
The key to surfing is being "in the moment."
in the moment...
for my day, that meant:
If I'd rather go to the beach than sit at home,
I would need to forgo the fear of what the traffic "might be like" later.
If I passed someone while walking on the beach
and wanted to say "aloha"
I would say it without wondering if they would then think of me as strange.
If having a 2nd cup of coffee would enhance my enjoyment of the moment,
I should get it without taking more time to consider whether that coffee will keep me up through the night.

I could go on,
just to say,

I have always been a planner.
I plan meals
I plan schedules
I plan lessons
I plan the most efficient route for running errands
I plan my clothes for the next day
I plan.
I plan because I appreciate efficiency.
I don't like wasting time.
or money.

But what has become reality to me in the last, say, 48 hours, is that:
In following prepared plans ALL THE TIME, I miss A LOT of what life has to offer 

Take this picture from yesterday, for example:

What a moment!
I was there! 
In THAT moment!
I had to focus very hard to catch this moment,
but I was willing to sit in the moment
because I love the myself.

Here are a few other shots from yesterday :
(If you click on them, you can enlarge them)
Good morning Cardiff!

...and I'm back for the evening...

 Good night Cardiff

Live in the moment.
Be in the now!


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