aloha every day

aloha every day

Monday, January 2, 2012

...and...(breathe in)....OOHHHMMMM....

I've been in a blogging rut.
Not because I don't have anything to say (that rarely happens),
but because I haven't had the clarity to focus on one thing lately.
I've been "all over the place." 

Today is the last day of Winter Break.
Nick had to go into work, so I got up early.
Lit some candles.
Sat up nice and tall, 
and said,

-5 minutes later-
I realized that my thoughts were like the candle flame in front of me.
They are mostly focused around one wick.
Sometimes they are calm and shoot in the same direction as the wick,
 but sometimes they dance around that wick; bouncing, jumping, twirling toward the breeze.
 Realizing this, I relaxed.

I relaxed into acceptance.
My ever-moving thoughts are fine!
I simply need to remind myself to slow down and capture those thoughts before I lose them or compound them with others.
I need to focus on one thing before moving to the next.

Most times when I meditate, my thoughts are reminiscent of scene in Eat, Pray, Love where Liz is meditating for the first time in the Ashram in India.  Shortly after she starts, her thoughts have wandered into decorating her meditation room at home.  Her thoughts are all dancing around the meditation wick, but they are keeping her from actually meditating.

Calm the breath...
Calm the body...
Calm the mind...

WHY is it so difficult to calm the mind?  
Some days, I blame it on distraction, and aren't we Americans masters of distraction?
Other days, my brain is "on overload."  I'm keeping too many ideas trapped inside.

Our thoughts are a lot like our digestive system.
What we keep trapped inside only festers and enhances discomfort until we




sarahlove said...

Oohhmmmm... Exactly. I can totally relate! Our creative minds get so busy that it causes a major traffic jam. If we try to slow down and take one idea at a time, just imagine how much better quality our ideas would be!!

Hermann8er said...

Well said, Sarah! I loved going to Europe last summer, as the pace of life was much more calm. While there, I really did feel more at peace with myself and my direction in life seemed a whole lot clearer. Thanks for the comment, it is great to reflect with another on these thoughts!