aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Few Hawai'ian Memories on a Lovely Saturday Morning in San Diego

I've been very sentimental the last 24 hours or so...
Remembering my home of the last 6 years.
Thought I'd blog about it...
usually feel more "at peace" post-blogging

This pic was taken of my brothers and me by KT the night before my wedding.  Sitting by the beach in the evening as the sun sets is the best time for reflection.
Today is actually KT's wedding day!   Had I been in Hawaii, it would have been difficult to share this day with her.  Although I miss Hawaii like a drought misses the rain, I am very thankful to be closer to friends and family...especially on days like today.

 Hanalei Town Center.  One of my favorite places to be...especially on a rainy day.  There is a smell in Hawaii when it rains...must, flowers, old dirt, ocean...there's nothing like it.

 One of my favorite bloggers just moved to Kauai.  She moved there as I was moving away, and I am so thankful to have her stories and pictures to connect me to the place that I love so dearly. 

 We used to love when mom would come to visit.  We always acted like tourists and ran around to the touristy sites.

I love this picture of Kauai.  Inside the Hanalei Town Center there is a big wooden hanging-thing.  I love the wood-work in Hawaii.  It feels ancient, historic, real.  In fact, the woodwork in Hawaii was the inspiration behind our wooden wedding rings

Our favorite restaurant in downtown Honolulu- Du Vin
Feels like a European cafe...and looks like one, too!

 Gardenias!  The ultimate "Lindsay" experience!  The creamy smell, the creamy feel, the creamy color...oh, how I love the creaminess of it all! 

 One of my favorite hikes: Makapu'u Lighthouse...with one of my favorite people: My little brother.  He and I have so many wonderful memories on the island together.  He is my ultimate adventure partner.

I love the music of Keali'i Reichel.  One of his songs is reminiscent of this view:
Puana `ia ke aloha
Ku`u lei aloha mae `ole
Pili hemo `ole,
Pili pa`a pono
Ke pono ho`i käua
E Kawaipunahele 
Although this is not Wailuku, I relate to the line: "Never separated, firmly united, When it's right, We'll go back...O Kawaipunahele"

Brandon and Nick's favorite beach: Waimea bay.  Once, Nick was snorkeling here and found the most BEAUTIFUL shell.  Usually, we wouldn't think of taking the shell from the water (read our thoughts on this here), but this shell felt like a Gift from the Sea.  We made sure that it was abandoned, and then claimed the gift.

Jack Johnson!  Although he RARELY played concerts in Hawai'i (how funny, right?), when he did, it was incredible!  I love acoustic music, and his is awesome!
(I've somehow lost my picture of him)

My drive to work.  Over the Pali highway I would go.  Through the tunnels, stricken by the sunrise as it crested the Mokulua Islands.  Fog clinging the to Kailua was breathtaking. Every morning.  Ahhh.

As I move forward in my new home, knowing that I'll be making a million new memories and loving tons of new places, I am ever-slowly finding peace in letting go of Hawai'i.  It's going to take some time to cut the cord...Hawai'i has been in my heart for most of my life.  Not the Hawai'i of the tour books, but the Hawai'i that chants through my pictures and my memories...
Aloha `oe, aloha `oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace,
A ho`i a`e au
Until we meet again

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