aloha every day

aloha every day

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vouliagmeni, Day 1

 Welcome to the resort! 

 We were all pretty excited for a week at the beach.

 Pretty Scaccos!  Like mother, like daughter!

 Check out Sophia's face..."Uncle Nick, come on, man, those are mine!"

 There's the prettiest Scacco!

 A little shade is what it's all about...

 As if a sardine isn't disgusting already, how about we fry it whole with it's eyes still in?
...totally gross...

 Tony and Melissa!

 Sunglasses make me smile...


 Two men and a baby...

 Baby in a tree

 The gorgeous lobby


 Hangin' with Uncle Nick in my shoulder ruffles

 Happy Baby Pose!

 Staring contest...

 What a beautiful family!!
 Our room

 View from our lanai

 Uncle Nick put sunglasses on the Whoozit and made it dance...that was big-time fun

 The Special Olympics was there!  This was their gala

 Nick bought me that for my birthday

Sunset, day 1

Next up? More Vouliagmeni and more SOPHIA!!!

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