aloha every day

aloha every day

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety...wait...where's home again?

 March 2011...
We love living in Hawai'i
We see the end of grad school on the horizon
We have an exciting adventure in Europe ahead of us
We dream of the days when we are responsible towards one job each and can come home to an enjoyable evening free of writing thesis papers...
We get a phone call
The owner of our apartment is selling...NOW...
She's an older lady and needed money for medical bills
Okay, not optimal, but we can find a new place, 
really, we can...
I know, I know, we LOVE our apartment
I fought hard to find that apartment after the robbery in our old place
We had a rhythm in our apartment
We loved the rooftop grills...the pool...walking to the beach...walking to The Cream Pot...
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of our own to spread out...
but, she was selling it.

Enter work one day.
Special Ed jobs are dependent upon the numbers of students...the more students, the more teachers.
Meeting with the principal...the numbers don't look so great for next year...
I'm low man...
a tenured teacher has been placed at our school...
but she is going to do everything she can to keep me, too.
Type-A, worrisome Lindsay: There's no way I'll be around next year.
Could I find a new position on-island?  Most likely, yes.  
Did I want to move locations, meet new staff, transition to a new school culture?  No.

Rewind months prior.
We talk.
Is this Hawaii life sustainable post-grad school?
We didn't move here for grad school.
In fact, we were here long before then...surfing, snorkeling, beaching, loving life
But we want a family one day...
a family that can play in a back yard that we own...
a family that can live in a house that we own...
a family that can see grandma more than once per year.
We would have to invent something irreplaceable, win the lottery (which doesn't exist in Hawaii), or take up bank robbing to have that in Hawaii.
A move was on the horizon...
When? Was the question.

Fast forward.
No apartment.
Possibility of no job.
Almost 30...Want to start a family in the next few years

Okay, God. We hear you loud and clear. We're moving.
But we WILL be stubborn about one thing:
The ocean.

July, 2011
Beach? Check.
Family? Check.
Jobs? God? We're listening...

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