aloha every day

aloha every day

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sophia, Queen of the World

 A few mornings, we were welcomed by a "Baby Gram"...Here we are, first thing in the morning!  
Sweetest baby ever!
Best way to wake up, as well.

 Nap time

 At lunch...Daddy made the sea creature into a finger puppet

 Incredible family portrait

 Hair for dessert

 Funny Mommy

 Sophia and a Whozit

 Seaside cabana...yes please

 And so the games begin

 Pondering the next jump

 Nice headband, husband
Nice headband, brother

 Dinner time

 Auntie's turn!!
 We cuddled

 Tony and Melissa
...looking great, as usual!

 Getting comfortable

 Something was pretty funny...

 Two happy campers

 Good-NESS!  That is one pretty girl!

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