aloha every day

aloha every day

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gene, Frankie, and me

I was born in the wrong era...I just know it.  I belong with these people:
You see, Gene and Frankie sang about positive, fun singing in the rain, strangers in the night (the good kind, not the robber kind), and taking life nice and easy...and they danced while they sang about it.  This is what I do every day, only I am not as accepted when I do such things in public.  

I'm sure they had their share of shenanigans, but as the evolution of societal shenanigans goes, I'm sure theirs did not include as many four-letter words and derogatory/ violent material as the crap that goes down today.  I just don't relate to today.  I am forever thankful for film and vocal recordings...they keep me connected to my "peeps"...hehe.

If only I was born decades earlier....Gene and Frankie, you'll just have to wait for me up there in tap dancing heaven...

Good thing about Hawaii?  Summer rain showers...glory...

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