aloha every day

aloha every day

Friday, July 23, 2010

Aloha Summer!

My summer is officially winding down....T- 2 days before school starts.  I am very excited for my first full year in my own classroom, but I am not excited about how busy my life gets once grad school starts.  

Here is a run-down of my wonderful "stay-cation" summer (that I haven't already blogged)!
My summer started here.  This is the closest beach to my school.  This was actually a "chilly" day at the beach.  Hehe.

I walked A LOT beside this stream which runs behind my apartment building.

We went to the North Shore!!

These are the pineapple fields on the way to the N. Shore

Yes, it was raining as we made our way up there.  However, it NEVER matters if it is raining or sunny.  The beaches, although beautiful, are not the main event up is the slowing of life that matters.

We waited out the rain in typical N.Shore fashion

Voila!  The rain passed....

The Ranger and I went on MANY adventures together and he always kept me safe.  I thanked him yesterday with a thorough washing.

I cooked A LOT!  Thanks to our CSA veggie boxes, I've experimented with using kale, chard, and collard greens...Nick called these "Pots of Gold".

"S" shaped pasta!  Veggies from the CSA box, again!

Nick baked...and baked some more...YUM!

I read at the beach...

We caught the blooming of the flowers outside Punahou school!  Apparently it is rare to see...

I sewed...yes, I sewed a dress for myself!  AND from this fabulous pattern from the 60's.

See? I really did!

I gazed out at our fabulous view.  If you look left, you can see the beautiful steeple of Central Union Church.....
...and if you look straight out, you see the Ko'olaus!

Mostly, I enjoyed the solace of my toes in the sand, the sound of the tide washing ashore....there is no greater peace!

Great thing about Hawaii?  If you live here, this is ALL at your budgeting necessary to make it happen.

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sarahlove said...

Your mind reminds me of when I lived in New Zealand. SO much to see at the cost of just getting up and out the door!

I wanna see the dress you made! :)