aloha every day

aloha every day

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Plastic Free July

It's everywhere
I admit:
I use it
all the time.

The effect of single use plastics
on our oceans,
is devastating.

Take the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,
for example:

The non-profit
Plastic Free July
(based out of Australia)
challenges us all
to do exactly that.
 Be as "plastic free"
in July
as possible.

Here's a link to the info:

Here are some ideas to "reduce your use" in July (and every other month):
1- Keep a clean reusable coffee "to-go" mug in your car.  One of my best friends taught me this one. My favorite is the Contigo Mug. Although they are typically a bit more expensive than other coffee mugs, they are stainless steel, have locking lids (hey-yah! No coffee spills in my bag!), and they keep your drink hot or cold for hours. 
2- Reusable bags.  This one seems SO simple, but I admit: My bags like to keep my car company while I shop. I've walked MANY times in the store and realized, half-way through my trip with my cart already full-that my bags are in the car. I sometimes set my cart in a corner, run back to my car, and grab my bags...but let's be real: what a pain! Simple way to fix this? 
Put the bag(s) in your purse. 
These ChicoBags roll up nicely. 
They also have  produce bags.
3- Buy veggies plastic-free. Why do I need my zucchini wrapped in plastic wrap on a styrofoam tray? Simple answer: I don't.  I'll refuse to buy veggies with a side of plastic. I only want the veggies, anyway.  I don't typically go to the store and have "styrofoam tray" listed as something I want to buy that day.  We are lucky to have an amazing Farmer's Market, as well as a family-owned local farm-sourced grocery store nearby. I know this isn't everyone's reality, but research your options.

...and just for kicks,
here's my favorite mockumentary 
of all time:

 I challenge you (and me :) to:
Be in the "now":
Remember your bags...
Remember your to-go mug...
Buy plastic-free items...
Buy items which are meant to be reusable, 
not those which will last a long time in our oceans.


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