aloha every day

aloha every day

Sunday, June 19, 2016

CA's Central Coast: Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz

 We recently had the opportunity to drive the central coast of California. 
This is a trip I've always wanted to take
and we jumped at the chance to explore!

We started at Half Moon Bay.
 We'd heard about this spot from surf films,
directly south of the
the huge waves of Mavericks.

 It was a beautiful spot,
however Half Moon Bay
seemed strikingly similar to the
beaches of San Diego.
We moved on from here pretty quickly...
guess we need to come back when the waves are pumpin'
 at Mavericks!
There was a nice oceanside walking path, though!

 Along the drive from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz,
we came across this incredibly beautiful lighthouse.

When we got to Santa Cruz, 
we found a little rocky overlook
 and had a picnic.
 To cut costs, we packed our food for this trip in a cooler loaded into our Subaru.  
It was surprisingly refreshing to not think about where we were stopping for food...
and honestly I love myself a good PBJ...or 5.

 Santa Cruz proved to be a charming little college surf town.


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