aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Brooklyn Girl

When we first moved to San Diego,
the thing we were most excited about was

Island fare is unique,
and at times, I would consider it very good,
there just is not much in terms of variety.
The unique restaurants that we did love there,
we really loved.
We knew, though, that SD had a fantastic foodie scene,
and we were stoked to explore it!

One of our first stops was
in Mission Heights.

We were amazed.
Incredible tastes.
Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) done well.

Yesterday, we decided to go back and experience the joy again.
After 4 years of living in SD, 
we were curious if it would be as good as we remember from our first experience. was.
Can someone say, "Best Veggie Lasagna in the History of Veggie Lasagna?"

May I suggest bringing a handsome date?


Just when you think the place can't get any cuter...

This place is not to be missed.
We will be back!
Yes, this is their to-go bag.


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