aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meh-wege, oh meh-wege

My older brother's getting married tomorrow.

I am so happy for him I could just pee explode!

He's only older than me by 16 months, 
so really,
we're more like twins...
even though I look more like my younger brother.

16 months is not a big separation.
So, you know,
we grew up arm-in-arm...
connected at the hip.
We danced together
from the time I was 2 and he was 3.3 years old.
We would make up dance routines in our back yard
perform them till our audience was no longer amused...
then we would do the dance
just in case anyone missed the best part.
We went everywhere together.
We even went to college together!
I sent him first to check out the scene,
and I followed shortly thereafter.
Which is how it always was for us.
Kevin went first,
and I followed
he was doing.
Mom would even try next season's girl clothes on Kevin,
just to see if they would fit me next season!

After college, 
we moved away from each other for the first time.
He to LA, then SD,
me to HI.
8 years later,
here we are.
Back together again.
Living in the same town.
Sharing in each other's lives,
just as we've always done.
And just as we'll always do.
I am SO happy for you, my brother.
You have found the woman who makes your life even happier than I could have ever imagined it.
And I should know when you are happy,
because I've been there...
I've seen it...
I know you front and back, up and down.
You are HAPPY...
and in keeping with the story of our lives thus far,
I share in your joy.
Congratulations Kevin and Shannon Miller Alexis.
I love you.

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