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aloha every day

Friday, June 29, 2012

O'ahu coffee

My last post outlined my favorite restaurants on O'ahu.
This post is all about COFFEE!

I happen to love a good, dark cup of joe...
and I've become a bit of a coffee snob.

Now, not all Hawai'ian coffee is created equal.

In fact, most of the coffee sold in tourist shops is called a "Blend", 
meaning it is part Hawai'ian coffee and part junk coffee.

My favorite?
100% Kaua'i coffee.
Keep in mind that I order straight coffee, not the sugary frou-frou, so my rating of coffee is in the taste of the bean.
Here are my favorite coffee joints on O'ahu:

1- Covenant Coffee:
 Simply THE BEST place on island to buy roasted beans...period.

2- Morning Brew:
GREAT Kailua town.
They also have some rockin' nachos!
Take a book and stay awhile!

3- Honolulu Coffee Company:
Many locations around the island.
Again, great tasting americanos.
Hub-sauce likes the frou-frou "Nutty Hawai'ian Latte"...if you are a frou-frou coffee drinker, apparently this is the way to go!

4- Coffee Gallery:
In the Northshore Marketplace in Haleiwa town.
Great roasted beans and great prepared coffee.


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