aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, May 14, 2016

James & Jayne

"You have to try that new restaurant:

Sound familiar?

The ampersand has become like the 
Michelin Star...

It seems that every new "foodie" restaurant that is a must-try now contains the elusive 
and that when I see the 
I automatically assume it means 
good food.

In the spirit of good food, 
I am combining two places in San Diego 
which are worthy of the 
but do not actually use them in their names.

James Coffee Co. & Jayne's Gastropub

Let's start with James:
This is not James.
It's not an ad for Apple computers, either 
(although if you're from Apple & you're reading this, contact me...
I'm sure we can figure something out ;)

That is my darling husband on our first trip to 

Micro-roasters in SD are a dime a dozen,
but you bet your pants that
Nick & Lindsay
will try them all. 
& this: 
 ranks among the absolute best.
Creamy, dark espresso
w/o the bitterness...yum!

They also have a work space for a few small businesses.
All together a great experience...
& it's in Little Italy...
How can you beat that??

All right let's discuss Jayne:

I first came to Jayne's Gastropub 
upon hearing that my friend was working there. 
 This quaint gastropub serves many English favorites, 
along with other impeccably-selected dishes showcasing local produce and sustainable meats.

I recently went for my birthday and ordered the Potato and Celery Root Gratin...and ate every bit.
Sorry, no pic.
I only took a pic of my Irish Coffee:
 & their lovely garden area:

 So there you have it. 
James & Jayne.
Two San Diego locals which shouldn't be missed.


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