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aloha every day

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Donut Falls

I've never liked donuts.

They gross me out.
fried dough.
nothing good for you about that.

I've always felt that,
if I'm going to eat a sweet treat,
I want it to be:
made with love.

Some people may picture a donut by that description.
I see a cannoli.
Sorry if that's upsetting for you.

On our recent trip to You-tah,
I found a donut I do like!

I present to you,
We were here in late Fall,
which is not prime time for this hike.

We parked out on the main road and hiked in.

 On our way, we passed a few people, 
all of which were just as lost as we were.
the signage wasn't great.
I'm sure it's easier to find during peak season
when people are everywhere and
you follow the pack.
 After asking the few people we passed which way to go 
(there are many forks in the road),
and then realizing that none of them had found the falls,
we trusted our
Hawai'ian hiking skills:
To find a waterfall,
follow the water.

 We found it! 
But you can't see it!
Because our gigantic heads are in the way!
 There she is!

For those hiking in the off-season (like us),
once you've found these rocks (by following the stream),
you're almost there!
Just a tip...

For anyone who has seen the old Babes in Toyland movie,
you'll understand why I love this pic:
The trees are watching!

 Round-trip, this hike took us around 1.5 hours,
and that includes getting "lost" a few times.

And so ended another adventure for us.
Dear You-Tah, 
We'll be back soon!
p.s. The Copper Onion (in Downtown Salt Lake) is not to be missed. 
Neither are their ricotta dumplings...


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