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aloha every day

Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer's Past Farms

When visiting San Diego, there are many known tourist attractions: The Port, Coronado, Mission Bay...the list goes on.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love those places! There are, however, many lesser-known gems in the greater San Diego area.  Like this: Summer's Past Farms!
Up near Alpine, Summer's Past Farms has gardens, a plant nursery, shops, and a lovely green space for picnicking.
It's a great place to stop for lunch...bring a sack lunch and a blanket for a lovely way to enjoy the San Diego weather!
There is a "fairy" theme woven throughout this place, which brought me right back to childhood.
At 7 or 8, I filled my recess times with the fascination of fairies.  Running around campus, any little hole in the concrete, every crevice into which I could peer, became the home of the fairies.  My ear up to the fairy's front door, I would listen for their whispers...the faint flap of their wings...any clue that I was right...that they were there. The fairies. Living in the concrete slabs of the Puesta del Sol playground.

The outdoor fairy garden


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