aloha every day

aloha every day

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walk in your footsteps

The weather report said "partly cloudy." I came anyway; I find my peace here, I reconnect, reaffirm, reroot, replenish, refresh here. I am my most-grounded me here.

Before claiming my spot for the next few hours, I walked the length of the beach, then turned around retraced my route.  Lately, I have been counting my steps while walking anywhere.  It's my way to release anxious thoughts, to be present.  528, 530, 532...I count by twos, every second step because, well, I have a few theories on that: an attempt at efficiency, pure laziness, or, most likely, my undying need to organize my life.  Everything in my life.  

So, I turned around to retrace my route, and there they were:
My Own Footsteps
Stepping in each one became my goal;
I even stopped counting.  
I was IN the need for distraction.

The first few footsteps were simple to retraceI quickly became aware that stepping in each footprint was not only increasingly difficult the further I went, 
but also that the path I had already tread was no longer my best path.

And isn't that a pivotal thought for life?
We cannot re-do what has already been done.
We may look back upon the footsteps in our lives, but stepping in them again is not only inefficient, it is increasingly impossible.
The further back in your path you try to retrace, the more the outline of the footsteps have been washed away by the tides of life.    After a while, what once was footsteps now only carries their partial resemblance.

How did my walk end up, you ask?
Ah....that partially cloudy day was absent of the fluffy whites.
A temperate 75 degrees warmed my skin as I basked in the glory of a beautiful beach shared only by one other ocean-lover (in human form).
Mother ocean created frequent shorebreaks that misted my face and made me smile with complete delight and abandonment.
Spring is here, with summer following shortly behind;
Both forging their own paths forward. 


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