aloha every day

aloha every day

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Everything old is new again

Pepsi "Throwback"...Using REAL sugar for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Hahahaha! HEHEHHEHE! HOHOHO! WHATWHATWHAT???? Who are we kidding in America? Do the people at Pepsi really think that they are doing us a favor by offering a REAL product for a limited time? Nick and I don't drink soda for many reasons, with the biggest reason being that it has corn syrup in it...and we have vowed to "just say no" to that nasty stuff. However, when we saw this product, we thought we would try it and hopefully, by buying it, send the message to Pepsi that people like their product when it is REAL...haha.

As we were in the checkout line, the cashier said, "Hmm..Pepsi Throwback. It will probably just taste like the Pepsi that is sold in other countries. Europeans know of a product called 'American Pepsi', or the Pepsi with corn syrup in it, which is different than the Pepsi with real sugar that is used there. Just another reason to laugh at America." I laughed out loud, much to the dismay of the man behind me, at this cashier's ability to freely distribute his opinions to the customers. I simply said, "I hear you loud and clear" and allowed the perturbed man behind me to buy his corn syrup laden pepsi with a smug look on his face.

In this country, we have (on the majority) come so far away from what "food" is. Processed, corn syrup filled products may be "edible", but I in NO WAY consider them food. Food is meant to nourish us, keep us alive, and provide joy in our lives! I don't consider obesity and malnourishment to be nourishing or joyful. So, thank you, Pepsi, for attempting to "throwback", but next time can we make it a forever change instead of a "limited time"? Found an interesting article on how this all relates to the obesity epidemic recently. Here's the link:|main|dl5|link3|

My next thought on this topic is actually one of my continual New Year's Resolutions...Lifetime resolutions, better said. In attempt to simplify my life, I recently cleaned out my closet. I found many treasures that were donated to give them new life, but one piece stood out to me. A white dress...a beautiful, simple, white dress that has been worn 2 times or so. I pulled it out of the dry cleaning bag to properlly hang it and was APPALLED at what I found! I had not removed the safety pins after having it cleaned about a year ago and the pins rusted the fabric! Orange holes in the armpit of the dress! Not only that, but apparently the dress did not fully dry after the cleaning and had MOLDED in the bag. I was sad, heartbroken, and bewildered.

I decided that, rather than throwing the dress away (for it really looked atrocious), I would attempt to remove the rust. Away to Longs Drugs I went, in search of something helpful. RIT has a "rust remover" product, so I bought it. This morning, I used the rust remover, and save for one small dot, the dress is NEW AGAIN!!! Now, this product is quite stinky and I'm guessing that it is not the best environmentally friendly choice that I've made. I am happy to have my dress back, though. Now for the perfect opportunity to wear it. Always wanted to do a beach dinner picnic...

Find something old and make it new again! Just like Pepsi (haha) and my white dress! Reuse!

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